Storytime- PH011

This is the first episode where Judge and Crow are in the same room as each other, so we decided to shake things up a bit. Grab your favorite beverage, prop up a chair, and relax as we present to you two terrible readings of fanfiction. It’ll be fun, we promise.

Other topics include: Judge acting like bowling is a sport (again), Walmart leaking E3, Fortnite x Marvel, Nintendo’s online service strategy, FTC ruling in favor of self-repairing consoles.

Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow

Intro:  “Free Fall” by Audioscribe (

Outro: “Lucidator” by Sagittarius V (

Other Media Used: “8-Bit Retro Video Game Sound Effects 1” by Brand Name Audio (

Crackling Fireplace Sound Effect HQ (

Storytelling royalty free background music Professional original music (

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