Unfinished and Buggy Video Games- PH002

This week, the triad tackles the topic of unfinished and broken video games. Other topics include: Dead by Daylight Lunar Event, Upcoming Overwatch character reworks, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the delay of the System Shock remake.

Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow, Catnado

Intro: “Here at Last” by¬†William Black & Rico & Miella (https://youtu.be/KrFSVv0_vFQ)

Outro: “Tears in the Rain” by MK Ultra (https://youtu.be/ASEL-TwukKg)

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Nostalgia in Video Games- PH001

Welcome to the first episode of PodgeHodge! Join JudgeRuled, Crow, and Catnado as they discuss the role of nostalgia in video games.

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