Nostalgia in Video Games Pt. II- PH018

If you’re a gamer under 18 years old, odds are you don’t remember the dark days of triple-A batteries and candlelit grinds. Judge and Crow, however, vividly recall surviving the Wild West of gaming, and reflect on some of the biggest quality-of-life improvements to emerge since their boyhood.

Other topics include: Diablo III Rant and Rave, the illusive Black Lotus Card, No Man’s Sky Next, Walking Dead, Spiderman

Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow

Intro: “Holiday (Off the Edge)” by On Planets & Hanz (

Outro: “Pokemon R/B/Y – Trainer Battle Remix” by Kamex (

Other Media Used: “8-Bit Retro Video Game Sound Effects 1” by Brand Name Audio


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