Dirty, Filthy, Corporate Sellouts- PH013

They’ve ranted about microtransactions. They’ve fulminated over the death of couch co-op. And now, Judge and Crow tackle corporate partnerships in the entertainment industry. (Fortunately, we’re not entertaining, so if anyone wants to sponsor us, that is still morally justified.)

Other topics include: Playstation quality-of-life gripes, a battle royale lawsuit, the death of Runescape Classic, Dead by Daylight’s Curtain Call chapter, the upcoming Netflix series Disenchantment, Detroit: Become Human

Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow

Intro: “Bring me Down” by Double Twin (https://youtu.be/rxMl4AtpxFI)

Outro: “Memories” by Starlight (https://youtu.be/rTLeJGoQVWI)

Other Media Used: “8-Bit Retro Video Game Sound Effects 1” by Brand Name Audio (https://youtu.be/nzjtkaLCn60)

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